HW group sensors and devices in the cloud 

  • Remote monitoring and alerting service
  • Basic administration and device management with limited functions
  • Monitoring of HW group´s devices and sensors

Main Features 

Up to 20 monitoring devices of different usage and interface can be connected to HWg-cloud.com. You can choose from over 25 types of monitoring devices manufactured and developed by the HW group and from over 70 supported sensors. HWg-cloud.com works with all HW group monitoring devices and sensors.

  • Free of charge for an unlimited time period
  • All sensors in one screen
  • Graphs of historical data (10 days)
  • Basic Device Management
  • Basic alerts management (E-mail)
  • Alarms when device disconnected in 30 min
  • Activation of sirens based on sensor values
  • No multigraph functionality (various values in one graph)
  • Quick addition or migration of all HW group devices to another HW group portal
You can monitor temperature, humidity, water leaks, digital inputs, voltage, current, energy consumption, and many more. You can also remotely control your technology using outputs.

Sensors and detectors 

Monitoring Temperature Humidity Voltage CUrrent Water/Flood Door/Window External power Smoke Vibration Light Gas CO2 Water flow volume Motion
Unit °C, °F, °K %RH V mA  YES/NO YES/NO W YES/NO YES/NO % YES/NO ppm m3/s YES/NO


Check out the values from all your sensors in the last week.                                                                     Check all of your sensors on one screen




You can connect all HW group monitoring devices to HWg-cloud.com 


IoT Monitoring devices dedicated for use with cloud portals                                                                                                                                                          

Simple Device
(WiFi/LAN/PoE) (?)

NarrowBand IoT
(SIM card) 

SD-2x1Wire (?) NB-2x1Wire (?) For various sensors with 1Wire or1Wire-Uni
SD-WLD (?)  NB-WLD (?) Water leakage
SD-2xIn (?) NB-2xIn (?) Monitoring door and windows open
SD-2xOut (?) NB-2xOut (?) Control of digital outputs




Standalone monitoring devices for use in private network or cloud portals

Standalone monitoring devices Usage
Poseidon family Universal remote monitoring / Outputs control
Damocles family Industrial Inputs / Outputs control
Ares family Devices with GSM / LTE connectivity
STE family Temperature, humidity monitoring
WLD family Water leakage detection




For more information about HW group monitoring devices ask your local HW group distributor or go to the manufacturer's web page.

Check your local HW group distributor for more information about purchasing HW group monitoring devices. Go to the List of HW group distributors and partners.